Vermont Woodfired Ovens – Questions & Answers

What material is the oven chamber made from? Refractory Clay materials, similar to a commercial kiln. Concrete is not suitable for wood burning ovens.
Is it cool to touch on the outside? Yes, we use quality insulation materials to ensure our oven is cool to touch, and family safe.
How long does it take to light and start cooking? Approximately 30-40 minutes to 750 degrees F.
Does it require cleaning? Only dusting of the floor – get out of the kitchen!
Does it come with a door and a flue system? Yes.
Is the oven waterproof? Yes, but we recommend our PVC rain jacket when not in use for the wet season. This ensures greater oven efficiency.
What can you cook in a woodfired oven? Anything that you can cook in a conventional oven. You can vary the oven temperature to suit your recipe.
How long does it take to cook a pizza? 90 seconds.
How hot is the maximum oven temperature? 1475 degrees F – yet cool to touch on the outside!
How many sizes to choose from? 2 residential and 3 commercial.
Do you supply D.I.Y. Instructions? Yes. Comprehensive D.I.Y. instructions including an easy to follow 15 step DVD.
What ovenware works best for cooking in a woodfired oven? We find the best ovenware to use is cast iron. Clay pots, terra cotta pots, metal roasting pans and baking sheets will also work.